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In honor of Valentine's Day, 
   I thought I would share what I'm lovin' right now....

So, for my face, 
this is the makeup I'm lovin right now..

For my skincare, I'm lovin' ACURE Organics.

For friends and my dang self, 
I'm lovin Stella & Dot...

I'm lovin' planning my next beach trip by shopping these swimsuits from Modcloth....

For my feet, I'm lovin' these babes:

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        For my heart & mind, I'm lovin' this VDAY reading list from Book of the Month!


We all have those secret memory boxes.


These are some of my beautiful memories and I thought I would share them.

My niece drew this picture of her getting married 
when she was very young:

Now she is 16 and I plan to give it back to her on her wedding day.

This is a note from my first real crush who I went 
on my first date with:

A letter from my precious grandma:

Those were just a few of my memories.
I couldn't share the really juicy ones but maybe one day.




God bless every single person 
 I have crossed paths with. 
Every loving soul. Every hateful soul. 
Thank you God for all of the love and the hate 
I have encountered on my journey thus far. 
Thank you for every trial and tribulation, 
every defeat, every struggle, and every single victory. 

Thank you for healing me from every sickness.Thank you for closed doors that redirected me to the right path. Thank you for open doors that brought me joy. Thank you for the yes's and the no's. 
Thank you for bringing me here to exactly where I need to be and all in your perfect timing. Thank you for planting me, watering me and having the patience to watch me grow.

Sometimes I feel as though my life is just a mess, especially when I'm sick, depressed, lazy or if I've been really busy. 

These are the things I have to do in order to get my shit together and set myself up for success. Pardon my french.

  1. I work on my mental and physical health.

  • I improve my diet, making fresh juices and smoothies.
  • Drink lots of water and chamomile tea.
  • Bathe in essential oils and Epsom salt.
  • Take Melatonin. 
  • Go outside for fresh air and exercise. 
  • Take a hot shower.

      2. I change my atmosphere at home.

  • I clean and organize my room and house.
  • I do laundry and put it away.
  • I only keep things I really love and donate everything else.
  • I rearrange things in my room and house.
  • I improve the overall atmosphere by lighting candles, opening blinds for bright light, or opening a window for fresh air.

      3. I work on my physical appearance. 

  • I shave and moisturize.
  • I use blackhead remover strips and put on a facial mask.
  • I do my nails or get them done. 
  • I deep condition and style my hair.
  • I brush my teeth and floss.
  • I wear full makeup and nice clothes.

      4. I let my creativity flow.

  • I draw and paint.
  • I sing and play an instrument.
  • I take photos.
  • I write a blog post.
Doing these things is like my reset button. When these things get done, I feel free and happy. Productivity is always rewarding. What healthy routines do you guys follow, and how do you stay inspired??


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Here's what I received for January~!

Really warm and cozy socks
Decorative sticky notes
Insulated Bottle 
Makeup remover wipes
Lovely Bracelet 

It's fun, it keeps ya young.... and who doesn't like getting mail??


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.


Last year, I had a really tight budget to work with.

It was a hard time but it was also good for me to learn 

how to save money and to stop frivolous spending. 

I was able to live off a very tight budget by:
  • Shopping Clearance Racks  

  •   Thrifting Home Decor

  • Buying Lightly Worn Clothing 

  • Shopping Online 

  • Making My Coffee At Home

  • Using Groupon Coupons

 I feel like a lot of people don't realize that they can save a lot of money on purchases in-store or online by using Groupon Coupons.

I used to mainly use Groupon for travel needs and attractions,

but Groupon Coupons are for every day use as well!

So many places and so many deals!
Check it out below!

Groupon Coupons

I can never go back to not using Groupon Coupons 

because it just doesn't make sense to. 

This is a smart and effective way to save money.

Here are just a few of the places that accept Groupon Coupons:

  • Forever 21
  • Kohl’s
  • Victoria's Secret
  • Target
  • JC Penny
  • Pet Smart
  • Best Buy

                  I recently purchased a juicer from 

I knew I didn't want to pay more than $100 bucks, so I was looking online and I finally found one online, that was originally $200.00 on sale for $145.00... so I found some coupon deals & promo codes, and I was able to bring it down to $101.00 with free shipping. 

So, now I have a $200.00 juicer for $100.00.

If I had just gone into a store, I would not have been able to find a juicer this good for anywhere close to that price. So, I highly recommend checking online for the things you need to buy. 

Check out some deals they have for Kohl's below (and other stores) and let me know what Groupon Coupons are your favorite!!




Everything you need to know about taking photos for Instagram:



        You want your photo to look natural and unedited, so don't use strong filters. If your photo needs a lot of filtering, it is probably best to just take another photo. If you really like an Instagram filter, you can adjust it's strength. I like to use

    A Color Story



    Or I'll just edit the image using the tuning features on Instagram.

    Matching Photos 

    Preview is a great app that shows you how your image will look on your grid before posting it.
      Your grid is your presentation. Don't be afraid to get OCD with it. Each set of nine photos needs to be made up of similar colors and similar filters, and editing techniques. If you are using Instagram for your business, then don't be afraid to delete any photos you aren't happy with, in order to improve the flow.

      I had been keeping some photos up that were not high quality, but were good memories. Put those types of photos on Facebook instead, or keep them in a photo album. 

      Straighten Your Images

         Instagram has a great tool for this. Just go to "edit" and "adjust" your image until it is straight. 

      Natural Lighting

        Take your shoot outside with the sun behind your camera, or just open up your windows.



        You can use a white poster board, a white rug, or some strips of fabric for nice backgrounds.

         I took this photo in the manger of my old nativity scene set, and opened up a window for lighting.

         Pay Attention To Details

        Everyone wants to be able to just grab their camera or phone, and snap a perfect picture, but that is highly unlikely. It takes a lot of work to take a decent photo.

        Pay attention to what you're shooting. I can't tell you how many photos I thought were perfect while I was shooting them, only to later discover that there's an unsightly hair in plain sight, or something is crooked, or my foot is in the shot.

          Unfortunately, this needs to be said; as I have seen way too many of these out there. If you're gonna take a photo of yourself in your bathroom, make sure to crop the toilet/toilet paper out of the photo, as It really kills the vibe.

          Same goes for your house, clean the area that will show in the picture.


          Liking other peoples photos really does work to draw attention 
          to your profile and does increase your followers; however,
          this can be time consuming, so I recommend using a service
          that can like photos for you based on which hashtags you
          choose. You want to start the likes at only 10 likes per hour, 
          then slowly raise it each day, so Instagram doesn't block you.
          I recommend
          *Of course, doing this manually is best,
          as you can discover some awesome people to follow
          and make genuine connections.


          Commenting on other photos is even more effective than likes.
          I recommend Instagress for this, but if you are going to use the
          comment bot, be sure to choose your comment carefully, as it is very annoying to get a comment
          that was obviously done by a robot. 

          For example, I once chose to leave the blush smiley face
          as my generated comment, and it ended up being posted on some
          posts that were not supposed to be reacted to positively,
          and also on some creepy half-naked gym selfie photos of
          guys....awkward!! So, think of a comment that can be said to
          a person in both a good and bad scenario.
          *Of course, doing this manually is best,
          as you can discover some awesome people to follow
          and make genuine connections.



          Again, Instagress is good for this. You can set it to automatically
          follow followers of your favorite IG accounts.

          You should be following:
          • Local newspapers and magazines, their followers and their followings.
          • Local restaurants, churches and businesses, their followers and their followings.
          • Other bloggers, preferably in your niche, their followers and their followings. 

          *Of course, doing this manually is best, as you can discover some
          awesome people to follow and make genuine connections.
          And also-you won't end up following anyone
          you don't want to.


          When using hashtags, make sure you are very specific.
          You don't want to use hashtags that have been used
          230482340924 times. Try to use specific hashtags, for example: instead of using #shoes which has been used 53,089,009 times, you can use #shoecollection which has only been used 75, 540 times.

          What do you think of these tips???

          Also, if this post helped you in any way, please leave a comment or share it.

          Thank you.
          Hello everyone!

          Sorry, I have been MIA since the holidays! 

          I was too busy reaching my 

          2016 Instagram goal of 10,000 FOLLOWERS! 

          Did I type 10,000? 

          What I meant was 10k

          That's right, folks, 

          I am now part of the "k" club. 

          I'm practically a Kardashian. 
          To celebrate, I started doing #OOTD

          photos on the gram; however, I do not

          wear expensive brand names, 

          or spend a lot of money on my clothes,

          so, I'm not sure if my posts will

          be as popular as the 

          flossy flossy girls' posts.

          Hopefully some of you will still enjoy 
          seeing the outfits I'm putting together, 

          which by the way are all generated from clothes

          that have been in my closet for 6 months to a year...
          cause I have NOT been buying new clothes. 


          Cause I am focusing on
          M A K I N G money,
           not spending it. 

           I'm currently living  
          paycheck to paycheck (or lack thereof),

          while I continue to push hard to 

          find success as a struggling, 

          work-from-home blogger/artist. 

          Although I don't always have places to go, 

          I really enjoy getting dressed and looking nice.

          Working from home can really make someone lose 

          inspiration to look nice, and trust me, 

          I can look pretty rough some days.

          Soo I'm not just doing this for IG likes, 

          I'm doing it for myself, to stay inspired
           and feel like a human being.
          As I  have been known to lounge 
          around in XXL t-shirts 24/7.

          Here are a couple of my #OOTD photos. 

          I feel really bad for not cropping 

          the TV/couch out of these photos, 

          I promise to not be so lazy in the future!!! 

          Hope ya like em. Take care!

          Good morning, everyone! My December Peaches and Petals box arrived and it's time to take a peak inside! *Affiliate Links Included *I Received Free Items* Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription box that costs $19.99 per month, shipping is free. I have received a few of their boxes and I can honestly say that each box has been consistently great. They also happen to have a wonderful affiliate program. I've truly enjoyed reviewing these boxes, and it gives me something to look forward to each month! If you want to apply to become an affiliate for Peaches and Petals, click HERE!

          Wax-Free Fragrance Warmer is my favorite thing. It smells amazing and is so pretty.
          I also really liked the Christmas sweater + matching hat wine cover, which I used last night as you can see in the top photo! I am also really happy about the coloring calendar because I am an artist and I think coloring each day would be very therapeutic!

          The discount code PEACH10% is still available, 
          and it can also be applied to ALL subscription options. 
          However, it is still only valid on the first charge.

          Charlotte Russe is having an amazing sale on all dresses ($25.00)

          They have an amazing selection.

          Go check it out.


          So, you think you can thrift?


          Lately, I have been spending a lot of time at thrift shops.
          It's sort've become my new favorite hobby, 
          plus it's a great stress reliever!

          I also happen to live in a town with several of them,
          and my mom has always loved a good bargain.

          So, thrifting has just become our thing, 
          and we're getting good at it. Real good.

          Here's what I've learned:

          • Thrifting is an acquired skill.
          I used to try to find things at thrift stores, 
          but to me, it all just looked like junk.

          • It actually takes a lot of patience and optimism.

           You can't just run into the first thrift shop you find
          and come out with a perfect outfit.

          • You have to know what you're looking for.

              First, I like to scan the racks of clothing for colors, 
              patterns, or materials I'm attracted to and then I take a closer look. 
              I already have a few favorite thrifty colors I specifically look for.

              Basically, all of the classic Fall/Sexy Librarian colors and patterns.

              • Some posers are only there to hunt down the expensive brand names.

              They have no fashion compass within, 
              they're lacking creativity, and fashion-sense.
              But the skillful ones, AKA the fashionistas,
               are attracted to the more unknown, 
              overlooked gems regardless of what the brand is.

              • In order to be a good thrifter, you must:

              1. Be fashionable

              2. Be Decisive

              3. Be Bold & Fearless

              4. Be Frugal & Modest

                5. Be Willing To Dig and Dig Some More

              6. Know The Difference Between Cute Vintage & Ugly


              7. Be A Visionary

              *In all seriousness, guys, don't get too caught up in the rules, just buy what looks cute to you (try it on first) and don't worry about what people will say or think. Develop your style and be confident in it. Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear!
              This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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