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So proud to be an affiliate for Collin Street Bakery! They are amazing. This Apple Cinnamon Pecan cake would make a really thoughtful, fun gift for someone special, or to help out a struggling parent, or someone in need. Let them know you're thinking of them or send one to cheer yourself up!

It would also be great for birthdays, weddings or get together's! Click the link below and get 15% off now using the code APPLE15 


Check out some info from their website!

About the business: Our family-owned-and-operated bakery, located just 50 miles south of Dallas, Texas, has received awards of recognition from Monde Selection in Brussels, Belgium, the New York Gourmet Society, the Texas State Historical Commission and the U.S. Department of Commerce "E" Award for excellence in exporting. Shipped to 196 nations annually.

High quality shipping: We are mail order specialists, and whether your order is for one cake or 1,000, we make sure it is sent exactly as requested. Many years of experience, coupled with our decorative holiday tin and protective shipping carton, ensure your gift will arrive in perfect condition anywhere in the world, fresh delivery guaranteed.

Order today and support a family business!!

*Received these items for free

Peaches and Petals June box came in the mail 

(it's only $19.99/mo) 

Here's what was inside!

Beauty Junkie Beauty Boost

Hair mask, face mask, & hand cream. 

I gave these to my nieces and they loved them. 

The packaging is super cute and fun.

Multi Color Powder Compact 
An adorable little box, I tried it out and love the effect I get when I swirl the shades together.

This sunscreen smells great, is all natural, good for you and safe even for babies!

Here's everything.... almost everything

 I had been wanting one of these sequin pillows for the longest time! I was so happy to see it in the box this month!! 

My niece made a pretty sweet dino design!

If you would like to start receiving a monthly box from Peaches and Petals, click here!

If you would like to become an affiliate click here!

 Hey everyone, 

I wanted to do a "Summer Essentials" post before Summer ends, so here we go! The photo up top features my two favorite nail polish colors, INSTA-DRI by Sally Henson. I don't have time to let my nails dry for very long so the Insta-dri polishes are perfect for me. I like how thick and flawless the colors come out. And these colors are so beautiful.

*Received this item for free. 8This cooling eye gel reduces lines, wrinkles and soothes puffiness. I could definitely notice a difference within days of using it. I love the cooling sensation, the applicator tip, and most importantly, I love that this does not sting my eyes!   


I really love this scent by Rue 21. I don't usually shop there, but I went in there looking for a phone case and the lady suggested it to me and now I'm really feelin' it for Summer 2017 vibes.


Absolutely recommend this lavender deodorant spray, it is light and refreshing. Not at all sticky, it's like a refreshing spritz but it works and it lasts! No toxic aluminum deodorants for me!

This stuff is great for dry and damaged hair. It leaves my hair very soft and manageable. 
And no harsh ingredients!


Love  my renewel cream by Andalou naturals, works with or without makeup... 
it's light and not greasy at all. No bad ingredients!

 *Received this item for free. I use this at night..1-2 drops goes a long way... very natural, very pure and very concentrated... it's for your face but I also use it on dry skin areas like knees, elbows and hands!

 Hey everyone! Here is a detailed look at what was in the Peaches and Petals box for May! I love how the boxes are matched with the seasons and all have fun themes goin' on.

This box was like a Spring break travel theme!

It came with:

                                       A Magnet board
For hanging photos, inspirational 
quotes, your hopes and dreams, vacation plans,
or whatever you'd like!

 A Travel Pillow
An adorable polka-dot neck support pillow! 
I can't wait to use this on my next plane ride.

A Soapbox Travel Kit
This was such a great addition to the box! 
Whenever I go on a vacation, I always end up waiting 
til the last minute before getting together a body care 
travel kit... this will save me a stressful, last-minute trip to the drugstore! Feels good to be prepared.

 A Seaside Candle
This candle is #summervibes for sure, in my favorite 
shade of blue, and a very calming scent, I feel like  
I'm relaxing on the beach when I light it, and I believe 
it's actually called "Seaside". 

GUD Cleaning wipes
Love GUD by Burt's Bees. Loved receiving natural wipes that didn't contain parabens, phthalates and were NOT tested on animals. That's really important to me in any product I use! One of the packets had dried out a little, but I was able to use the other one and it was very gentle.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review of the May Peaches and Petals box! If you're interested in signing up to receive a monthly box too, just click this link!

If you're interested in becoming an affiliate, like I am, just click THIS link!!

If you have read my about me section, then you know that I've lived a very sheltered and slightly misguided life. I'm 27 years old. I've never been social or had many friends, and I've never been in a relationship. I've always just done my own thing, wanted/needed my alone time, and just chilled out with my family. I've been working part time jobs (mainly in the food industry) since I was fifteen. Working for other people drains me and leaves me feeling depressed, and like my life is a hamster on a wheel, wasting time.

College wasn't for me. That's another story. And yet I've always had this passion inside, leading me to want to start a business and work from home so that I could travel.

Some days I feel completely and utterly lost. Other days, I am so inspired that I feel like I might just lift off the ground. Creativity runs through my blood and I can feel God and the universe guiding me with purpose.... which brings me to my SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!

I felt led to start my own apparel company:

I had to get a part time job to help me pay for everything, which has been a hard transition for me and challenging. But it's quite an amazing feeling when you are working hard, and putting everything you have (and don't have) into a project that you have absolutely no idea will even pay off. But I'm not just investing in apparel, I'm investing in my dreams and my freedom....

Investing in yourself always pays off.

Yes, it takes a lot of faith. ButI have always known it was my destiny to own a business and work from home. I get chills whenever I read about other peoples' success stories, and I'm willing to WORK HARD.... so why not me? And why not you? Go after your dreams, invest everything you have, and jump off that cliff whether you think you're ready to fly or not! If you have faith, maybe the winds will carry you...and if not, you'll learn a hell of a lot on the way down!

There's no such thing as a mistake, what we refer to as "mistakes" are learning experiences. And chances taken should never be regretted, but actually applauded. So, I encourage all of you to follow your heart, take chances, and make some learning experiences.

Finally, to all of you amazing readers, fellow-bloggers, Texans, and Americans,
I humbly ask you to support my small business... I'm just one girl in Texas who has BIG dreams! Thank you and God bless America!!


**Post contains affiliate links!! *Some of these items I have received for free.

Hey guysss! These are my ideas for Mother's Day gifts!!! And just so you know, I am very impressed with the quality and service provided by these companies, which I have tried out myself before promoting to you all!

1. Pupjoy Monthly Subscription Box!

Does your mom have a pup that she loves very much??

Get her this:
Happy Tails | PupJoy

Save $10 on your PupJoy

2. Membership to Book of the Month!

Does your mom like to read?? Only $5 for 1 month membership...

 Get her this:

Give a book membership to mom and one free month for yourself!

3. Essential oils?


There are thousands of uses for them and these are very high quality essential oils from Spark Naturals.

Get her this:

What do you guys think of these ideas???

What do you think you'll get your mom for Mother's Day??
***This is a sponsored post;
however all opinions are mine and 100% honest.

I know that wigs have been around for a long time, but I had never actually considered buying one for real, until now and I will tell you why I have changed my mind.

Lace front wigs

It's basically a hairpiece or wig, in which human hair or synthetic hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base which goes over the scalp. Black Hairspray has very high quality, affordable options. They offer thousands of wigs and hair care products, and lots of people use their products, even professional stylists and beauticians.

OK, now onto why I want one:
  • they look amazing (and real, they look real)
  • it's a great way to try out different styles and see what best suits you (you get to experiment without having to commit to a permanent color/style change)
  • lots of celebrities wear them
  • you can express yourself by choosing the color and style that best represents who you are (even if your natural hair is not able to be that)
  • they're great for taking fun, versatile photo shoots
  • great way to get mermaid hair (currently trending) without drying it out or causing damage or breakage
Here are some of the ones I was looking at from Black Hairspray:

Have you ever considered wearing a lace front wig? Which style would you choose?
I received items for free. This post contains affiliate links. These claims have not been confirmed by the FDA or a medical professional. Be sure and consult your healthcare provider before use.

In my other blog post,  


I talk about how we (women, especially) need to speak up about unhealthy beauty standards and trends being pushed on us. The thought of buying or doing something that will make us look better but possibly damage our health, is outrageous; and yet, it is something that women have been doing for centuries, and continue to do even to this day.

Over the next few posts, I'm going to be:
  1. sharing why you should be using all-natural products 
  2. showing how to use essential oils to create your own products
  3.  Sharing some amazing deals on essential oils and other goodies from Spark Naturals

This will save you lots of money and 

get you started on your journey to 

being healthy and happy.

How I use it:

-add it to my foot soak/baths-
-put 1-2 drops on my pillow at night-
-mix it with coconut oil and rub some on my chest to relax-

Stay tuned for lemon ......

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