My Relationship with Art

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My interest in art started when I was a kid. Although I always felt like I was bad at it, I loved to draw and paint. 

I couldn't draw like the other kids, or like my big sister could. My drawings always came out different-looking. 

I was discouraged.......until I discovered abstract art. 
I found out I could draw whatever I wanted, use any colors I wanted (yay for blue faces), and nobody could make fun of me, or tell me I did it wrong, because it was ABSTRACT. 

This painting I did while I was bored one day, inspired me to pursue art:

I discovered that I could scan the paintings onto our computer, and edit them anyway I wanted. So, I then created this:

 People really liked this one, so I did an art show, and it was so much fun. I felt like I was officially an "artist", so I created a FB page, and I even had a hoodie made with this image printed on it! 
This painting also made it into a local magazine.

I decided I was ready to start painting on canvases, so I bought a bunch. I really got into the idea of painting from my heart, and not following any rules. This was what happened:
 Crazy, I know. That was a canvas, but I photographed it and added contrast to it. 

When I ran out of canvases, I started painting wood.
I recently painted these:

 Since then, I have done art shows, art festivals and art walks... I've had my art in a gallery, and a few restaurants. It's not about selling it though, It's something I really enjoy doing. I paint and create, for me. Because it makes me happy. If you want to see more of my art you can check out my art Facebook page below:

2 comments on "My Relationship with Art"
  1. I'm a big fan of abstract art and LOVIN' your stuff :)

    Emmy Jake NYC

  2. I love abstract art! I love painting but I dont feel im the best at painting people or things but these are amazing!


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