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My plane arrived in Seattle, I had been to Seattle a few months earlier, but this time I was just passing through. We got in our rental, and left the city behind. We drove west, through vivid, picturesque landscapes. The further we drove, the more wild our views got. It was about a three hour drive, and I was just looking out the window the entire time, listening to music and enjoying the views.

The Olympic alpine mountains were flawlessly stacked and layered up to the clouds.

The shining reflections on the clear water of Lake Crescent was unreal. Do you see the little white dot on the bottom right of the mountains? Yeah, that's a house.

 I felt an array of emotions: humbled; that I was getting to see what others only dreamed of, saddened; that I had been missing out on this my whole life, and thankful; that I had lived to see this day.

Sol Duc Road is a skinny winding road where you are surrounded by the intense raw beauty of the wild. We drove into the Olympic National Park at around dusk, which is the perfect time to see wildlife, so we were able to see a few black-tailed deer peaking out from inside the woods, and a few even crept out to the road.

It was such a quiet drive down that road, the only sounds you could hear was light rain, and the sound of our tires rolling over little leaves and sticks. We finally arrived to the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort, which is located inside of the park, and checked into our cabin.

The next morning, I woke up super early, bundled up and walked outside around the campsite. It was very foggy and cold. The mountains were higher than the clouds. I sat on a wooden swing by the creek behind our cabin, it was so quiet and relaxing there; and then I saw an American Eagle fly right over the creek. 

I walked along a trail near the creek and saw about 5 deer eating from the ground. They were not scared of me, as I wasn't approaching them directly. My brother joined me about an hour later, and we went exploring in the bush. 

It took my body and my mind awhile to remember how to climb up, balance and shimmy (things I haven't done since I was a kid) across huge logs, jump down into moss covered terrain and navigate through fallen trees, branches, sticks and rocks.
Just then my brother told me he could hear some water trickling somewhere up the mountain, so we followed the sound quite a ways up. 

I was a little concerned that I might pass out because my body was not used to all this cardio, and I hadn't eaten breakfast, but I just took a few breathers, and kept going; even though I felt like giving up. I am really glad I did not give up because we found the water, and it was gorgeous.
Here's a video of it: 

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The next day, we took an actual hiking trail that led to the large waterfalls. This hike was even harder than the first one. It was longer, and the path was so beaten down, that it was hard to follow. 

We got kind of a late start, and were trying to beat the dark, so we didn't have much time for stopping and resting. Nobody else was on the path, and we just kept walking and climbing over trees, trying to figure out where this was leading. 

When there are huge trees, towering over you, they tend to block the sun, so it was a lot darker in the woods now. My adrenaline was the only thing keeping me going, because being in the woods at night, is literally my worst nightmare. 

The darker it got, the more every rock and tree trunk resembled a bear. We were trying to make as much noise as we could while we were hiking, to scare any bears away. 

Once we made it to the falls, we needed to make a decision, should we go back through the woods on that beaten down path, and try to make it back to our cabin before it was pitch black... or should we take the trail towards the parking lot and walk back on Sol Duc Road where we could possibly hitch a ride in case it got too dark, or we got too tired... of course, my brother wanted to hike back through the woods, but I insisted on going to the parking lot instead, which only took us about 15 minutes to get there...we were both relieved to see the parking lot, and began our trek down the road. 

Even though I normally would have been terrified being on a road surrounded by woods at night, compared to being IN the woods at night, this felt very safe, and even relaxing. 

It was about 6 miles of walking before we got back to the cabin, and as soon as we entered that cabin and my adrenaline wore off, I pretty much collapsed.

The hot spring pools felt amazing because it was so freezing cold outside, but once you got in, you were totally warm. Sitting in that pool and looking up at the mountains and trees was an amazing feeling. At 9am, it's guests only in the pool, so that is the best time to go before it gets crowded with visitors.

 The last three days of our trip was spent in Forks and Port Angeles. We went to the Olympic Game Farm, which is an unforgettable experience! I got to see black bears and grizzly bears about 5 feet away! These are the famous waving bears, and you're allowed to throw whole wheat bread for them to eat. It was the greatest wild-animal interaction I have ever experienced! You have to visit the Olympic Game Farm, guys! 

                          I also went to the HOH Rain-Forrest which I'm not even going to talk about here, partly because it was so magical, but mainly because this blog post is already way too long.

Dungeness Spit Beach :

Well guys, this concludes my adventures in the Pacific Northwest, I really hope you enjoyed reading, and looking at the pictures! I may share some pictures of the Hoh Rain Forrest someday, as it really was quite spectacular, and yet, totally different from the Olympic National Park. Love you guys!
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  1. Beautiful looking area with so much hiking and areas to see. If you love the outdoors this would be a great place.

  2. Wow that place you went looks gorgeous! Gosh I need a trip somewhere so badly haha :D

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Living in the Pacific Northwest is definitely a blessing, although I'd love to visit Texas someday! :)

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  5. These are such amazing photos. Such a breathtaking place. I love being one with nature. So relaxing, and so peaceful.

  6. Your pictures are gorgeous and that scenery is just wow💛

  7. Looks amazing, would love to visit to go hiking and have a picnic by that lake =^.^=


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