Sleep Like a Baby

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Don't consume a lot of salty foods, or anything with MSG in it before bed; as it can cause rapid heartbeat, extreme thirst, restless mind or nightmares.

Stay hydrated all day, and always keep a cup of water next to your bed.

Cut out the sugar and caffeine 2 to 8 hours before bed, or entirely, just until your sleep patterns return to normal.

Have a cup of chamomile tea with lavender.                                   

Take a hot shower; it relaxes you, relieves stress, and tires you out!                                                        

Try taking a melatonin supplement, I recommend the 10 mg!

Setting The Mood...

Turn off all the lights.

This includes your TV and mobile devices! Turn off all bright screens at least one hour before bed. Reading is a good, natural way to make your eyes tired (reading from a book, not a nook). 
If you can't put your mobile devices down, at least adjust the brightness to make it less harsh on your eyes, and consider putting your device on "do not disturb" so that your notifications don't continue to pop in, all night long, awakening you and your curiosity
*If you must have a nightlight, then put it across the room, and away from your eyes.

Extra Touches




Turn the fan on medium; you want your room to be chilly-not cold. Ditch the pajamas; clothes have a way of making you very uncomfortable and inhibiting you, they can also be itchy, or too warm. 
Put on some white noise and drown out the creepy sounds; such as, the creaky floor, your pet lapping up water, your spouse snoring, the AC unit, etc.

*I recommend light rain, with scattered thunderstorms for your background noise! If you can still hear the snoring, try earplugs AND white noise!

2 comments on "Sleep Like a Baby"
  1. Those are really great tips for a good night of sleep.

  2. Yes! I alwyas make it a little colder and use a white noise machine. It puts me to sleep instantly!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial


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