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My first trip after having been sick with stress was my trip to Seattle, to visit my brother, and that was my first ever trip to Washington state! 

I was anxious about flying since I had been experiencing shortness of breath from anxiety, but I took my mom with me and naturally, that was comforting.


I didn't feel too anxious once I got on the plane, but getting to the airport and going through security and all that had drained me. 

But I got really excited as we approached Seattle, because it was autumn and I began to see all of the beautiful different colored trees from the plane!

We landed and walked with our luggage to the shuttle..

which wouldn't have been that bad except it was a little freezing for my Texas bones. 

 The city was really interesting, 
I could tell that there was a lot going on, 
I felt just a tad overwhelmed because I wanted to see it all.

We ate at Biscuit Bitch.
I ordered the  "Hot Mess Bitch". 

We got into my brothers car and drove to Gig Harbor, 
where I had booked our stay at a cozy inn.

 I loved the trees and the views in Gig Harbor.


We went back to Seattle to stay at hotel #2, 
which was the Queen Anne Inn!
Catching the ferry was a little stressful, and very cold, but totally worth it for the views!

My brother took us to the Columbia Center Sky-View Observatory.

 We had an amazing breakfast there.

 Went to the Pacific Science Museum.

Walked around downtown in the rain, 
doing some shopping, and admiring the lights!

I think Seattle is a really exciting place with a lot of artistic,
creative people and opportunities!

                                               I hope to visit again soon and explore more.

Do you have any suggestions for the next time I'm there??

3 comments on "Seattle"
  1. I've always wanted to visit Seattle! It looks like such a fun place.

    xoxo, Jenny

  2. The trip looked like a ton of fun! That sucks you had a lot of anxiety, i had a lot last week too. I absolutely hate it, its the worst. Your pictures are so pretty. Its a great way to remember the trip.

    1. Thank you so much, Leslie! Anxiety definitely is the worst but I'm learning how to fight it more and more.


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