Peaches and Petals Review *November Box

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Hey everyone, 
I'm excited to be reviewing 
Peaches and Petals today!

*Affiliate Links Included
*I Received Free Items
*Totally Honest Review

is a monthly subscription box 
that costs $19.99 per month,
shipping is free.
I have received a few of their boxes so far, 
and I can honestly say that each box has been consistently great. 

The idea of getting a mystery box can sound scary 
but once you have seen what I've gotten so far, 
you will be sure that  Peaches and Petals does an AWESOME job 
at putting together a great box!

We all love cute things.

Especially when it's fall and winter!

This box is setting the mood for my magical holidays...
Check out that mug! 

Fact: If you're going to make a cup of hot cocoa, 
it must be served in a cozy mug; otherwise it's not going to taste as good (duh)!!

Another Fact: You can never have too many cozy mugs.

See those cozy wool socks? I'll be wearing them as I'm watching cheesy Hallmark movies where a guy and a girl pretend to be a couple and then end up falling in love at the end (say whaaa)!!

As I write this, I am wrapped in that fuzzy throw blanket. 

You know that excited feeling you get right before opening a gift on Christmas morn???? 
That's how it feels opening up a Peaches and Petals box every month!

WAIT! Before you subscribe, I have great news!

Any new subscriber can add code PEACHMERMAID during checkout to any subscription option to receive these for FREE in their first box!

Another code is PEACH10%

for new subscribers only!

If you are a blogger, and would like to become an affiliate as well, 
please click the link below!

14 comments on "Peaches and Petals Review *November Box"
  1. This box has so many cute things in it! I love the mug.

  2. "Lets make smores and cuddle." LOL that is cute

  3. So fun, I haven't heard of this subscription box! I'll have to try it!

  4. What a great surprise box. love cozy wool socks, throw would make a great gift and hot chocolate is a must.

  5. So many cute items! Perfect for gifting. My favorite is the mug 💕 Hope you have a great holiday!

    Love Kayla

  6. I love monthly boxes! This one looks so fun!

  7. I love that mug that was included! I collect mugs and the camping style ones are definitely my recent faves.

    x Kate

  8. What a cute box! I hadn't heard of this one. Looks like a good sub box. :)

  9. wow what a wonderful sub box. Cozy wool socks is a must for november! Enjoy!

  10. This is so cute and cozy! And I NEED those mermaid socks lol!


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