All My Single Ladies; Cuffing Season

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Christmas is a wonderful, joyous time for families. 

But for some single twenty-somethings/thirty-somethings, it can get pretty depressing.
There are sickeningly sweet Christmas cards like the one above
raining down like pennies from heaven, and Instagram/Facebook is blowing up
with "Matching Couples Christmas Jammies" and "Baby's First Snow" pictures.

All of those things are super adorable, but meanwhile in Singlepersontopia,
we are trying to figure out how to feel like we're progressing in life
even though we have not yet reached the "marriage" and "children" milestones.

Us Singlepersontopians, know Christmas time as "Cuffing Season".
You may be asking yourself what on earth that is.

Well, it basically means, most single people get desperate around this time and
suddenly want to be "tied down" or "cuffed" in a serious relationship.

But I'm here to say that it is possible to fight the "cuffing season" sensation.
The truth is that December is just another month on the calendar,
and it's perfectly okay to be on your own this season.
And that doesn't mean you can't enjoy Christmas.

There are plenty of things you can do with other single friends or on your own:

  1. Take yourself out to dinner (you get to pick the restaurant).
  2. Watch your favorite movies (you get to choose the movie). 
  3. Eat your favorite snacks (no judgement from anyone). 
  4.  Decorate if you feel like it (if not, no worries).
  5. Go out and be kind (smile, say hello, open the door for someone).
  6. Volunteer and donate (visit your local shelter).
  7. Consider adopting a furry best friend (aka cuddle partner) from your local shelter.
And if you're still just not feeling the
whole Christmas thing this year,
don't sweat it. You're allowed to be
a Grinch once in a while.

I blame "cuffing season" on:
  • Stupid Friends & Family Members 
Everyone wants to know why you haven't found Mr. Right or Mrs. Right. 
"Will you ever get married??" If you truly love us,
you'll be happy that we are taking our time in finding the right person.
We're getting enough pressure from society, we don't need it from our loved ones also.
  • Romantic Christmas Movies
Every time I turn my television on during the holidays,
I'm constantly reminded that people are falling in love
and having magical holiday romances, and meanwhile, I am eating a fruitcake.
I would like to see less movies about falling in love and more movies about loving yourself.

  • Social Media
Couple photos, engagements, pregnancy announcements.
(We get it, you're happy, you have a family. You're jolly AF. Go you.)
Just take a deep breath, and hide that jazz from your news-feed.

  • Weather
There is a definite correlation between feeling cold and feeling alone.
I think the colder it is, the more aware of your being alone-ness.

Anyway, just remember, you are a fierce, independent queen....

and the world is your oyster....

25 comments on "All My Single Ladies; Cuffing Season"
  1. When I was single I think the romantic Christmas movies was the worse..Please put on something action packed any day!

  2. I know family and friends mean well but when they repeatedly say are you dating, having you found the ONE on and on it gets old. All your ideas are wonderful and hope the Christmas season is bringing you down.

  3. How cute is this!!! Yes, hide it. Don't let all that get you down. You're wonderful in your own!

  4. Exactly in single life tou can still have fun. Decorate your house. Its just another month on the calendar.

  5. I get you I was single too once and holidays can be depressing but at the same time are the occasion to understand what Christmas is all about so cheer up =)

  6. This is really cute! I love your list!

  7. Very funny and great blog. I am glad that people realize that you can have a great time being single (:

    Isaly Holland

  8. Love 'take yourself to dinner' I would so do this. Love it.

  9. I think it's a frame of mind. You have to be happy alone to be happy with someone else.

  10. I feel that Christmas is more for spending time with loved ones and Family than necessarily being loved up. I was single at Christmas until I met my Husband at 23 but it's a fun time of year anyway :)

    1. True, unfortunately most of my family lives in different places.. and I feel like I'm getting up there.. (27)

  11. The holidays can be a bit bittersweet when you are single, been there done that. I used to just spend the holidays with my cat, whom I would have dressed up if I knew he would not smother me in my sleep. :) Well, I actually had wonderful friends that we used to spend the holidays together, because I was not particularly close to my family. It made the holidays special, regardless we all find our way to what makes us happy over the holidays.

  12. I love this and yes Christmas single can sometimes feel like a drag but I used to keep myself occupied with some wine and action movies lol great article !

  13. Enjoy the moments you have with friends and family while they are around.

  14. I got many friends who felt the same on "singleness", especially in our communtiy you get some "society pressure". And if you have a bf, they will pressure you to marry. I think these are all normal for people to react. So, just go with the flow, along with these great tips! ;)

    1. That's so true about pressuring you to marry your boyfriend.. I guess the inquiries never stop... then it'll be when are you having kids? ha ha

  15. I do love the list. I had a chocolate peanut butter tree yesterday and no one said a thing. :)

  16. I love this post. Its definitely nothing wrong with doing things on your own. You can be a grinch once in a while lol

  17. Being single on Christmas doesn't have to be sad! I love these suggestions of yours. It's important to give yourself time to have fun and be merry.

  18. This is a great post, I always enjoying my time when I'm with my friends and family


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