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Everything you need to know about taking photos for Instagram:



        You want your photo to look natural and unedited, so don't use strong filters. If your photo needs a lot of filtering, it is probably best to just take another photo. If you really like an Instagram filter, you can adjust it's strength. I like to use

    A Color Story



    Or I'll just edit the image using the tuning features on Instagram.

    Matching Photos 

    Preview is a great app that shows you how your image will look on your grid before posting it.
      Your grid is your presentation. Don't be afraid to get OCD with it. Each set of nine photos needs to be made up of similar colors and similar filters, and editing techniques. If you are using Instagram for your business, then don't be afraid to delete any photos you aren't happy with, in order to improve the flow.

      I had been keeping some photos up that were not high quality, but were good memories. Put those types of photos on Facebook instead, or keep them in a photo album. 

      Straighten Your Images

         Instagram has a great tool for this. Just go to "edit" and "adjust" your image until it is straight. 

      Natural Lighting

        Take your shoot outside with the sun behind your camera, or just open up your windows.



        You can use a white poster board, a white rug, or some strips of fabric for nice backgrounds.

         I took this photo in the manger of my old nativity scene set, and opened up a window for lighting.

         Pay Attention To Details

        Everyone wants to be able to just grab their camera or phone, and snap a perfect picture, but that is highly unlikely. It takes a lot of work to take a decent photo.

        Pay attention to what you're shooting. I can't tell you how many photos I thought were perfect while I was shooting them, only to later discover that there's an unsightly hair in plain sight, or something is crooked, or my foot is in the shot.

          Unfortunately, this needs to be said; as I have seen way too many of these out there. If you're gonna take a photo of yourself in your bathroom, make sure to crop the toilet/toilet paper out of the photo, as It really kills the vibe.

          Same goes for your house, clean the area that will show in the picture.


          Liking other peoples photos really does work to draw attention 
          to your profile and does increase your followers; however,
          this can be time consuming, so I recommend using a service
          that can like photos for you based on which hashtags you
          choose. You want to start the likes at only 10 likes per hour, 
          then slowly raise it each day, so Instagram doesn't block you.
          I recommend
          *Of course, doing this manually is best,
          as you can discover some awesome people to follow
          and make genuine connections.


          Commenting on other photos is even more effective than likes.
          I recommend Instagress for this, but if you are going to use the
          comment bot, be sure to choose your comment carefully, as it is very annoying to get a comment
          that was obviously done by a robot. 

          For example, I once chose to leave the blush smiley face
          as my generated comment, and it ended up being posted on some
          posts that were not supposed to be reacted to positively,
          and also on some creepy half-naked gym selfie photos of
          guys....awkward!! So, think of a comment that can be said to
          a person in both a good and bad scenario.
          *Of course, doing this manually is best,
          as you can discover some awesome people to follow
          and make genuine connections.



          Again, Instagress is good for this. You can set it to automatically
          follow followers of your favorite IG accounts.

          You should be following:
          • Local newspapers and magazines, their followers and their followings.
          • Local restaurants, churches and businesses, their followers and their followings.
          • Other bloggers, preferably in your niche, their followers and their followings. 

          *Of course, doing this manually is best, as you can discover some
          awesome people to follow and make genuine connections.
          And also-you won't end up following anyone
          you don't want to.


          When using hashtags, make sure you are very specific.
          You don't want to use hashtags that have been used
          230482340924 times. Try to use specific hashtags, for example: instead of using #shoes which has been used 53,089,009 times, you can use #shoecollection which has only been used 75, 540 times.

          What do you think of these tips???

          Also, if this post helped you in any way, please leave a comment or share it.

          Thank you.
          32 comments on "Insta-GLAM! Likes, Comments, Action! Get More Followers!! "
          1. I've just started adjusting my instagram to reflect my blogging (rather than have a separate account) and I'm loving these tips! I've never been incredibly active on instagram personally so I just had a small smattering of random pics but a good base of followers already. I love the grid feature.

          2. Love these tips, thank you. I needed a refresher, I am going to try likestagram.

          3. Thanks for advice on how to use Instagram better! I never really thought about the "grid" effect before! Thanks for sharing!

          4. My feed is not cohesive at all so this was a good reminder to start keeping that in mind. I like the thought of keeping every 9 photos similar.

          5. I love your make up post on Insta very nice. I need more help in that department but have gotten better at it. It's always nice to get some pointers from different blogs and people who know what they are doing!

          6. interesting post, Great Advices, bookmark this page , thank you so much

          7. These are so wonderful tips! I always love reading these kinds of blog posts, because there are so many of them out there and yet everyone can maintain a different aspect to this topic! Thank you for sharing these :-)

            ~ Jasmin N //

          8. These are so good. Thank you for sharing them.

          9. Very useful post! I agree with everything you wrote!

          10. You are using some really great apps! I often use snapseed

          11. I really enjoyed your post, Actually one of my goals is to bump up our instagram it's almost to 5,000.. Your advice on how to do photos is really helpful and going to take those recommendations in mind. Also the bits on gaining new followers is great, thanks for sharing.

          12. These tips are great and I like your pictures. To be honest, I was always choosing hashtags with really big number of using ( I thought it can increase the audience). Maybe you are right with making them more specific;)

          13. Instagram will grow beyond Facebook. Thank you for the comprehensive log on Instagram!

          14. Thanks for sharing all your tips, I mostly use Colour story for my instagram photos as well :)

          15. I can see the point of these and how using them can be helpful, but honestly, I'd rather have a slower growth pattern than have my account be so automated. Maybe I'm naive about it, but isn't social media supposed to be about networking and connection? How can you connect if you're doing it all with bots and none of it is genuine?

            1. Hi Brandi, I wouldn't say none of it is genuine.The initial contact is only the first step in your connection. But you're right. As I said in this blog post, it is absolutely better to leave comments and likes yourself rather than using bots so that you can make a genuine connection with people. I've gotten to know many of my followers who I initially used a comment bot on. It doesn't mean you can never reach out or like any posts genuinely. I frequently comment on my followers post.

          16. Great tips! Just starting out with trying to expand my following so will be looking into some of these services :)

          17. I always wondered how to take better pictures because mine aren't very good. Next time, I will make sure to open the window and find something around the house that I can use for a white background.

          18. As I am huge artistic fan and love seeing progress and consistency in people's blog and Instagram, this post was right on the dot! I'm going to try out those apps and hopefully progress within my instagram feed as well (: Thanks so much for a great post!

          19. For me, your tips are very helpful especially for people who only using smartphones to take photos and for IG accounts that still need more followers. I used my personal account for my blog. I'm still stuck at 800+ but I rather have 800+ than 10k up but only few are liking and active to comment.

          20. Great Instagram tips! I love them all. It's SO important to simply be social on that part of social media...ya know?

          21. Very interesting post! I've never heard of the app a color story. I mostly use snapseed and VSCO. But I will look at it today. Thanks for sharing this post. X -

          22. I love this post. It's definitely given me some ways of enhancing my blog! At the moment, I post a picture without thinking of how it looks compared to the rest of my photographs, and my feed looks kinda messy. I've also posted way too many selfies which look the same in the past. It's crazy how a little bit of effort can change the way you appear to bloggers/friends! Definitely going to be putting some of these into action at some point in the near future!

          23. What a great post with excellent tips! :) I've been liking and commenting manually A LOT but I'd like to try Likestagram. I think I'm having good quality content but it would be nice to get more people to see that, maybe those bots could partly resolve this issue. :) If you want to check out my IG it's @dreamerachievernora , thanks.

            Nora /

          24. I agree about the filters. I never use them and I think when people "smooth" their faces so much, it causes issues.

          25. I just love taking photos for my Instagram. These tips are very helpful and I will be using them to better my pictures.

          26. Some of the photos won't load :(
            Instagram is my favorite. There's just something about expressing myself through photos. I love how most of us are not going heavy with filters that's why I love Snapseed. It's one of the best photo apps out there. I have yet to try Color Story & Preview. I'm definitely checking them out.

          27. These are some great tips. I am trying to increase my reach. I need to consider my photographs more.

          28. what an amazing guide! I use IG daily and had no idea about half of these tips and recommendation. Will definitely look into the post processing apps, such as Snapseed!

          29. Oooo so many fabulous tips!!! I am convinced the more you glam up your photo the better! People love over the top.


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