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*I received items for free. This is a sponsored post; however, all opinions are mine and this review is 100% honest!

The Peaches and Petals box for February has finally arrived! It took longer than usual because they had to change the shipping dates for all orders, since some were getting their boxes late.

I believe from now on they will all be shipped on the 16th.

In case you didn't know..

Peaches and Petals is a monthly mystery box subscription, one of the best I've seen, due to the quality and trendiness of items inside. I have never gotten a box I didn't like. I think $19.99/mo is totally worth the excitement and fun that one experiences when the box arrives at the door!

                                What I got for February:


  • The home spa treatment book is amazing, it has recipes for bath soaks, detoxes, facials and other amazing things! I might do a whole separate blog post on this book after I read it!!
  • The "Take a Pizza My Heart" coaster set is so freakin cute!
  • I re-gifted the bath bomb because it wasn't all natural but it looked cute. Ha!
  •  The cookie pan was my favorite, second to the book, and I had to put it to the test as you can see below. I didn't have the sticks to make cookie pops, but the heart shapes were #adorbs enough to proceed.

If you would like to subscribe to Peaches and Petals and see what it's like to get a surprise in the mail for $19.99.... or if you would like to get it as a gift for a loved one... just click this link!! click here 

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day! <3 Michelle

8 comments on "Peaches and Petals February Box"
  1. It seems that these subscription boxes are all the rage. Very tempted to try one.

  2. I enjoy getting mystery boxes in the mail. It is so exciting! I have one that is gluten free that comes for me and one that is a tinker crate that my 15 year old loves to play around with! Sometimes good self care means getting a little treat for yourself!

  3. I'm glad I read this. I had heard of this box but couldn't find any reviews or pics. Thanks so much. I love a subscription box!!

  4. THESE LOOK SO YUMMY. And it's tempting to finally sign up for a box after a busy week of work and running. Getting groceries to your door does sound nice...

  5. CUTE!! - Those coasters are adorable! I love fun stuff like that around my house :)

  6. I love the idea of subscription boxes! It's like Christmas morning every time you open them!

  7. I think I have an addiction to subscription boxes and I have not heard of this one! I love that this is a mystery. It makes the unveiling all the more fun. What a great gift to send to someone also!


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