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I've taken quite a few trips to California, because I have a lot of family living there; in fact, my sister was living in Pasadena, just a couple of years ago before moving back here to Texas. While she was still in Pasadena, I flew out to visit her. She lived in a really cute, white house that was really bright inside, from all of the natural light that came in through the windows. 

The neighborhood was so pretty; mostly Spanish-style homes, with beautiful, tropical plants and flowers; and a mix of Oak & Palm trees. I could not help but take a walk every morning and evening, just to admire all the prettiness.

Her neighbor had the cutest, most entertaining dog I have ever met. I made friends with her through the fence, and we played together. Her name was Bella, and it cracked me up because she ran into her house, while we were playing, and brought back a dirty, stuffed animal, to give to me. You can see her beautiful face, below! Miss you, Bella!

Here's my sister during one of our walks around the neighborhood!

I really had not explored Pasadena, prior to this visit! They had some super delicious eateries, and shops!

One of my favorite places is Lemonade, mostly because of their cucumber-mint lemonade, which I am still craving very much to this day. 

We went kayaking in Marina Del Ray, 
and came upon a pod of seals!

We ate pizza on the beach in Santa Monica, and jumped rope on the pier, like we were kids again. We went to Griffith Park, and rode bicycles around for nearly 3 hours. It was a great workout.


We visited with our grandparents at their house that we had come to know so well over the years, we all just sat around the table and talked just like old times.

6 comments on "California Feels"
  1. I have been missing California lately. When I lived in Arizona I went there regularly. I need to go back!


  2. Southern California has some amazing and beautiful things! And that cucumber mint lemonade does sound amazing!

  3. I lived in Cali until recently when my husbands job transferred us to Minnesota. What a culture shock. I miss it!

  4. I really want to visit California! It looks like it would be so pretty and so unique. I definitely hope to go one day!

  5. Living in Arizona makes me miss water, any body of water so bad, let alone the ocean! I love seeing all the gorgeous blooms in your post and the Spanish style houses/buildings are always cool to see. I had such a great time visiting San Diego that I would love to go back again!


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