"My Mission in Life is Not Merely to Survive; But to Thrive"

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My mind wanders. And I question everything. I question reality itself. Is it real? I am wild, and when I say I'm wild, I don't mean that I'm reckless, that I struggle with sobriety, or that I am irresponsible. I mean, I am not domesticated.
Note: I wasn't raised by wolves or anything, but just because I was born and raised in this society, it doesn't mean it's where I belong, or that it's what I was truly created for.


I feel like a lion in a zoo, built for great things and great adventures, his heart longs for more. The lion doesn't understand why he is depressed and unmotivated, he should be happy and energetic, right?
He attempts to find happiness in a 300 square ft. enclosure, but he fails. This lion has no idea of the life he was actually created to live. His body was literally built to do things that the zoo discourages and prevents him from doing. 

He doesn't know he's supposed to be exploring hundreds of miles of Forrest, scrub, grasslands or open woodlands to hunt antelopes, buffalo and wildebeest. 

His unconscious mind is the only thing telling him that something is not right. What a waste of life. What a cruel fate.

Like the lion in the zoo, I long for and thrive in being free. I'm unhappy here, and I'm learning that lots of people feel the exact same way; which is really not surprising once you step back and take a good look at what our quality of life has become. 

I feel like I am living in a fake world. I feel as though this whole system is just a joke, a big game, or maybe a sinister experiment. 

How far are humans willing to go for money, and what will they sacrifice? Humans are sacrificing their lives for money. Some are sacrificing their souls.
People are feeling empty inside, their souls are crying out for more substance than this monotonous existence. I want to thrive, not just survive. 

Some people are actually selling their homes and all their belongings, ditching their bills, getting out of debt, and buying vans to live out of. 

These vans are now their homes and offices.
Imagine living on the road and just exploring from 9-5. Only needing money for food and gas. It sounds terrifying, dumb, but also, a little exciting. 
I'm not interested in doing this as a means to run away from responsibilities, and I certainly wouldn't waste my days doing drugs and partying in a "van down by the river", but I would definitely be interested in breaking free from the customs of society, getting out of this rat race, and finding peace in my existence, and searching for my true purpose. 

I think of all humans as trains, speeding down the tracks that were previously laid from the laws, customs, and ideals of those before us. That was such a long time ago, it might be time for some of us to derail from society's train-tracks. 

It'll be dangerous, definitely scary, but it might be worth it. And we might actually discover why we were created, and what we're actually capable of.
19 comments on ""My Mission in Life is Not Merely to Survive; But to Thrive""
  1. Great Post!! This is how I feel about my job. I wanna travel the world and enjoy my life while making money doing something I love but I'm stuck in a job so I can pay my bills :( Hopefully I'll be free soon...

  2. I wish we lived in a simpler world where we never had to rush anywhere and could make our own food and have time to enjoy friends and family. I guess we each have a choice to get closer to that ideal though.

    1. Indeed, that sounds lovely. I guess the key is to find as much joy in the little moments that we do have with our friends and family.

  3. Very heartfelt post. I'm in a similar mindset being ready to leave my 9-5 and pursue blogging full time. There's something so rewarding about living life on your own terms and going after what you're passionate about. Just go for it!
    xo Jannine |Happy Stylish Fit

    1. Thanks Jannine! I'm so glad you can relate! I too would love to blog full time, I believe we can reach this goal!

  4. I think a satisfied life can come from not doing things because others think that's the right path. We all have a different life to live and need to find our unique paths.

  5. Very saddening to read that you feel trapped - "like a lion in a cage."
    How I remember growing up with that feeling. The Bible says that Jesus came so that we may have life abundantly, it is through him that all these things are made possible. John 10:10. Also that the Spirit of the lord is (freedom) liberty.
    2 Corinthians 3:17.

    Now, after having stated the scriptural authority in this subject, I would also like to share one of the best things I took away from Psychology 101; "Abraham Maslov's hierarchy of needs." The hierarchy of needs is a list of the basic psychological needs that must be met in order to experience happiness and fulfillment.
    So here it is.....Enjoy!
    In his quest to understand human motivation and the pursuit of happiness, he formulated a list of basic human needs that had to be fulfilled for maximum psychological health. Through his interviews and studies, he came to categorize a hierarchical list of needs that need be fulfilled for increasing life satisfaction:

    Physiological Needs

    The Physiological Needs such as breathing, food, drink, sleep, sex, excretion are largely (and obviously) biological and physical requirements. When they are not fulfilled, people become preoccupied with filling those needs above all else. For example, starving people in a war zone can be oblivious to danger when in search of food (Maslow, 1987, pp. 15-17).

    Safety needs

    Once the basic needs are fulfilled, other needs invariably arise (Maslow, 1987, pp. 17-18). In Maslow’s hierarchy, the safety needs come after the physiological needs. Maslow used the word “safety” to mean more than just physical safety. Economic, social, vocational, psychological security all fall underneath this second tier of human needs. While safety needs are less immediate or demanding than the physiological needs, when one loses one’s job, family, home, life savings, health insurance, etc, one is likely to feel terribly insecure and unprotected. Fulfilling the safety needs might be likened to providing a bumper or airbags on a car; while you don’t always need them, having them gives you some confidence that you can face minor bumps and bruises along the road of life (Maslow, 1987, pp. 18-20).

    Belongingness and love needs

    As social beings, family, friendships and intimate connections get many people through the ups and downs of life. Numerous studies have shown that the healthiest, happiest people tend to be more involved in their communities. While there is debate on whether one causes the other is unclear, there is some sense that having wider social connections and relationships are an important part of being happy. Lack of interactions, human relationships and the sense of belonging may result in depression or loneliness while an abundance of love and community often sustain people through difficult times (Maslow, 1987, pp. 20-21).

    Esteem needs

    Maslow felt there was a clear distinction between love and respect or esteem. He felt that an ability to feel self-esteem and personal uniqueness sprung from being loved and embraced by families and communities. As individuals, we naturally wish to excel or be exceptional, to be noticed for our unique talents and capabilities. Once one has some measure of self-esteem and confidence, one gains the psychological freedom to be creative and to grow as well as to be more generous to others (Maslow, 1987, pp. 21-22).

    What a man can be, he must be. This need we may call self-actualization…It refers to the desire for self-fulfillment, namely, to the tendency for him to become actualized in what he is potentially. This tendency might be phrased as the desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming. (Maslow, 1954, Motivation and Personality, p. 93)

    The top ‘pier’ of Maslow’s hierarchy is dubbed “self-actualization.” Maslow studied happy people in order to determine what it was that made them happy or, self-actualized (Maslow, 1987, p. 22).

    1. Awesome, that's very interesting, Jair! Thanks for your contribution, I'm sure those are all factors in the pursuit of happiness. Also, I'm going to need your comments to stop being longer than my posts. Haha, just kidding!

  6. If you feel like a lion in a zoo, you're not in the right place in my opinion! I hope you'll find your way back to the jungle! Xx

  7. Great post! I loved reading this. I can relate to so many things you wrote a lot! I've always had this idea of living a very free and kind of nomadic life in the back of my head. Who knows if I'll ever make it...

  8. Wonderful post! I've personally stopped pursuing happiness, but I'll try to reach out for the things that are making me happy. If that makes any sense haha :D

    ♥ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  9. Breaking free from society and living my own dream in a Van is on top of my bucketlist, but simply not do able in holland.

    X, Alex

  10. I couldn't agree more with the sentiment of this post, I feel like we are all so desperate to rush through life and "get things done" without stopping and just enjoying the moments we're in. It's the little things we should care about every day, yes work hard and do the things you want in life but don't get pulled into the static of every day life

  11. Fab post! If you feel like a lion in a zoo then it's definitely time to travel, even if it's only for a little while it might help you figure out what's best for you☺️

  12. I'm sorry to hear that you feel trapped, I hope you can soon get to a place that makes you feel more free.

  13. Oh wow I totally agree!! Or took me a while to realise but since hitting my 30s my whole.outlook on life has changed. My partner and I have just moved from being in a traffic built up area in Essex /London and loved by the sea. We don't commute anymore and our life is far more relazing. Great post! Ree love30

  14. This is beautiful. I'm feeling like you've poured my inner feeling in this post. ☺


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