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A lot of people and businesses oversimplify social media.
I am shocked at how many businesses are not budgeting for social media services.

This is 2016. Having a strong social media presence is essential.

Many times, I've seen or visited an interesting business, gone home and searched for the business, only to discover a dusty old website or social media profile that is not up to date or current, does not have any pictures of exterior/interior, and does not even respond to their messages.

Do you know how many times I have left a comment or message on a business profile and never received a response? If someone walked into your office and asked you a question, would you ignore them?

People don't make phone calls anymore unless they have to. It's all about emails, comments, and messages. This includes churches.

People want to see how the church looks, what the members look like, what the worship sounds like, they want to see what the past and current events look like. They want updates.

I know not everyone has time to dedicate to social media; which is why I strongly suggest hiring a Social Media Manager like myself.

I am a Social Media Manager for local businesses, churches, and brands who are too busy or lack the skill to grow their accounts and keep their social media profiles updated and current.

I will grow your following through the use of:

⦁    highly effective hashtags

⦁    posting at specific peak times

⦁    finding your business niche 

⦁    interacting within your niche

⦁    engaging your target demographic

⦁    following key people in the community

⦁    posting current and relevant posts/photos.

⦁    maintaining a positive and professional online personality

⦁    overseeing design (ie: Facebook Timeline cover, profile pic, thumbnails, ads, landing pages, Twitter profile, Blog, etc.) and providing marketing suggestions. 

⦁    I posses an in-depth knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube & Pinterest and how to best use them to benefit and grow your business.

Michelle Dave
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