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I am an affiliate for Pupjoy,
but I bought my own box to test it out
before promoting it to others....

When my box arrived, 
My dogs Elmo and Frosty were very excited, 
I think they could smell all of the goodies inside! 

I could barely take a picture of the stuff, 
because they were going nuts!

         They took off once they found the toys!

         After coercing them inside, 
I managed to get a shot of everything that came in the box!

I can be pretty particular about the treats/toys I give to my dogs, 
so I was happy that I still got to choose what kind of toys/treats I wanted.

You can choose all natural, 

organic, grain-free, AND size and durability of toys!

 I was able to buy just one box to test it out, 
it's really easy to pause or cancel with no penalties. 

$10 Welcome to PupJoy  

You should try it out too. 

  • Free shipping to the US.
  • The only box offering monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly delivery options 
  • Pup Points Loyalty Rewards program 
  • pays you back on referrals and purchases.  
And there's a 100% Satisfaction guarantee.
Click below for $10 off!

$25 off any multibox plan

Happy Tails | PupJoy

13 comments on "Pupjoy Review "
  1. Doggie approved, guess you have your answer. Box was a success.

  2. This is just too adorable! Def want to try this out with my bf's puppy :)

  3. This makes me want a dog but a fab gift idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. They seem so excited to receive new goodies!!

  5. Oh that box seems so wonderful! I love how they're making these for dogs too! :) Would definitely consider this box for our dog when we have one hahah :)

  6. aww the doggies seemed to really like the box and the items seem really good as well :)

  7. Elmo and frosty are the cutest little things!!! The pack sounds like a dogs dream! Ree love30

  8. Aww they're so cute!! I'd love things like this for my cats but tbh they'd probably prefer to play with the cardboard box it comes in lol!

  9. Oh wow, your dogs look very happy with their present :)

  10. Only the best for our furry friends, right? Look at them, they seem so excited!

    Elena | www.inspiredtoexplore.com

  11. This looks awesome! I might need to get onboard for my little roux!

  12. So adorable. I don't have a dog, but this would make a good gift for my friends who has one. Thanks for sharing


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