So, you think you can THRIFT?

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So, you think you can thrift?


Lately, I have been spending a lot of time at thrift shops.
It's sort've become my new favorite hobby, 
plus it's a great stress reliever!

I also happen to live in a town with several of them,
and my mom has always loved a good bargain.

So, thrifting has just become our thing, 
and we're getting good at it. Real good.

Here's what I've learned:

  • Thrifting is an acquired skill.
I used to try to find things at thrift stores, 
but to me, it all just looked like junk.

  • It actually takes a lot of patience and optimism.

 You can't just run into the first thrift shop you find
and come out with a perfect outfit.

  • You have to know what you're looking for.

      First, I like to scan the racks of clothing for colors, 
      patterns, or materials I'm attracted to and then I take a closer look. 
      I already have a few favorite thrifty colors I specifically look for.

      Basically, all of the classic Fall/Sexy Librarian colors and patterns.

      • Some posers are only there to hunt down the expensive brand names.

      They have no fashion compass within, 
      they're lacking creativity, and fashion-sense.
      But the skillful ones, AKA the fashionistas,
       are attracted to the more unknown, 
      overlooked gems regardless of what the brand is.

      • In order to be a good thrifter, you must:

      1. Be fashionable

      2. Be Decisive

      3. Be Bold & Fearless

      4. Be Frugal & Modest

        5. Be Willing To Dig and Dig Some More

      6. Know The Difference Between Cute Vintage & Ugly


      7. Be A Visionary

      *In all seriousness, guys, don't get too caught up in the rules, just buy what looks cute to you (try it on first) and don't worry about what people will say or think. Develop your style and be confident in it. Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear!
      23 comments on "So, you think you can THRIFT?"
      1. That is a very nice thift shop! Looks like you found some pretty nice things too! Happy shopping. -Breyona Sharpnack

      2. I think I have a hard time thrifting because I don't go in with a plan! If I know what I'm looking for, in general, it makes it a lot easier! :)

      3. More and more thrift stores have been opening up around where we live. Which is great for us. I don't over look the yard sales during the summer.

      4. I love thrifting as well it is a past time of mine but I really do not buy a lot from the regular stores but would rather shop at thrift store
        come over see us at

      5. My daughter and I love shopping at thrift stores. We have a small strict budget and can find great deals.

      6. Wow, I so need to look into this. I need to save money and these clothes look cute, so it would be a win-win.

      7. I've never been lucky thrifting. I haven't tried in a long time.

      8. I can't believe some of the bargains I have found in thrift shops! $300 jeans only $5 etc. It is the place to go!

      9. Thrifting requires patience! There will always be awesome pieces hiding at the bottom! I think these are all useful tips!

      10. I think more and more people are starting to hit the thrift stores

      11. Awesome post! :) You can definiely find a lot of great outfits and pieces in thrift stores

      12. This is such a good post! I totally agree, not everyone can be a good thriftier. It takes a lot of digging and knowing what's worth your penny.

      13. That was amazing thrift shop. What a shoe collection they have... Love that red dress as well.

      14. This looks like an awesome thrift shop! I feel like finding the right shop is half the battle!

      15. You have the search all figured out!! Definitely great finds! I need to have the patience to discover the best pieces!

      16. Love all the tips especially the last one. Confidence IS the sexiest thing we can wear!

      17. Hehehehe I wish I was good at thrifting!!!! I live in the wrong area for it because I never find anything fabulous

      18. Thrift shopping is really popular. Even celebs and stylist love shopping at thrift shops. The outfit you found looks really beautiful on you! :)

      19. Great suggestion, honey, I do love a good thrift shopping day!

      20. Looks like you scored lots of great finds. I love taking my children to the Op-shops near us, they have a ball.

      21. I have bought some amazing items from charity shops. I have some skirts that i love and i bought my sons christmas present from there. They had a brand new camera in there, still sealed and i got it for a bargain.

      22. i love that dress with the white tulle. i wouldn't have anywhere to wear it to but, I still want it.


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