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 Norabloom Botanicals is 

all natural and cruelty free. 

I got a chance to test out 3 Norabloom products 
that were personally recommended to me 
based on my answers to the Norabloom Skin Story Quiz, 
which is available on their website. 
This quiz asks you all kinds of open-ended 
questions about your skin, and then 
Holly emails you personalized 
within 48 hours.  

Take the quiz

Here are the 3 samples they sent me:

 Hibiscus Face Crème

Packed with antioxidants. This felt so soft and gentle on my skin. 
My face felt fresh, soft and moisturized but not sticky, like some creams do.

Aloe & Shea Crème Cleanser

This cleanser is very gentle, for extremely sensitive skin; 
which is great because my face will breakout if a cleanser
is too strong. It smells refreshing, and the aloe heals while the shea hydrates.

Rosehip & Carrot Organic Serum 

 This one was my favorite. It says it is good for flaky skin, 
great for scars, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and correcting dark spots. Also, apparently even great for diaper rash.

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22 comments on "Norabloom Botanicals Review"
  1. I've never heard of this brand before, what are their prices like? Side note, I love when packages come with that stuffing.

  2. These seem really great. I love trying new skin care products, especially ones that are more natural and better for the skin.

  3. I love all natural products and it's so important to heck they are cruelty free! These products look really lovely, first i have heard of this brand.

  4. I was curious, so I tried to check out the quiz, but couldn't find it, but I did check out the site and I'm curious enough to try a product or two.

  5. These products sound really promising! Will keep a lookout! I'm not sure if they sell them here in Singapore.

  6. Never heard about this before but these sounds very great for skin. would definitely try them

  7. I've never heard of this brand- but what gorgeous packaging! I desperately need a skin care routine- I'll have to check them out!

  8. Thank you for sharing this post. These sound so heavenly! I want! My name is Brandy, and I am new to the blogging community, its very nice to meet all of you! Have a blessed day!

  9. Never heard before about this company, I have to try these products, they seems good and plus cruelty free, perfect!

  10. I want that face cream. These products look amazing, I have been looking for new face products, but I have really sensitive skin, so it's hard to find the right ones.

  11. Never heard before about this company, I have to try these products, they seems good and plus cruelty free, perfect!

  12. I like the sound of the aloe and shea creme cleanser! Especially since you said it is good for sensitive skin which I have x

  13. Thank you for your personal review on the product. That's cool that they provide a chart for what you should use depending on the type of skin that you have.

  14. I've never actually heard about this brand before, but the face products sounds amazing. All the ingredients are so natural, I really want to try that rosehip and carrot product!

  15. This new product sounds promising and very interesting. Do they ship overseas?

  16. I prefer the Rosehip oil because I can get a lot of benefits from it, from head to toe. I wanna try this Norabloom product with a mix of carrot extract.

  17. Aside from the fact that these are all natural and cruelty free, I think it's awesome that they have different products for different skin types. That's really great especially for people with sensitive skin, like me.

  18. I love products that are made from natural ingredients because they're better for the skin especially when you're aging. I think these are worth checking out.

  19. Wow never heard of these before and I'm so so interested! Definitely going to look into them. I'm always super paranoid when it comes to skin care and it looks like these may just do the right trick. Thank you for the share :)

  20. These do sound really amazing - I will have to check them out!

  21. Ohh I like that you said the cream isn't sticky because that's one of my major concerns. Some moisturizers are so heavy that they cause me to look way too oily and then lead to break outs.

  22. I have never heard of this, but it sounds interesting. I am going to have to check it out.


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