Are women the weaker, gentler, more attractive sex???

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As I've gotten older, I've realized a couple of things. First, I've realized that women are amazing. And our amazing-ness has nothing to do with our appearance, it goes way beyond that. Secondly, I finally realized how important it is to take good care of my body, and not just by eating healthy and staying fit.

Women's bodies are incredible. We are capable and built for so much. We are so much stronger than society portrays us. Why are we referred to as the weaker, more gentler sex? We're beasts. And yet there has always been pressure on us to be the more attractive sex. According to the influence, our skin should be smooth and hairless, our faces should be wrinkle-free, our lips glossy and painted. But is that what makes a woman attractive?

Those things waste a lot of time, a lot of energy, and a lot of money. I wonder what men accomplish with all that extra time, energy and money? I wonder how much money we spend in our lifetimes on beauty routines that are not even good for us, but can actually be very damaging to our health. Such as, injecting toxins into our faces in an attempt to look younger, running needles over our face until we bleed to improve our skin tone and shooting painful lasers over our skin for hair removal. When are we going to stop spending our money on products that damage our bodies and health?

Our appearance in it's most natural state, is more striking than any unrealistic, photo-shopped, smoothed-over, contoured, computer-engineered non-human portrayed in 80% of magazines.

Check out these celebrities before and after photoshop


So, what made me write this post? Well, I've been limping for the past three days after injuring my foot by wearing heels. When I went in my closet to find some shoes with support, what I found instead was several more pairs of high heels and some flats. Thinking back on how much money I have spent on shoes that could damage my feet was really depressing. I have barely worn these shoes. Why did I do this? What would cause a woman to buy shoes that hurt and she couldn't even walk properly in? Do you have tons of shoes you can barely wear too?

I'm sure lots of you will tell me that you enjoy looking good and wearing heels, that's fine and it's normal to want to look good. But we should really at least, be putting our health first. And remember, it's your personality, your smile, and your unique, one-of-a-kind spirit that makes you beautiful.

I just want us to be brave enough to say (if we want to) hey I'm not going to wear stilettos because they may cause serious damage to my hips and joints. I'm not going to spend all of my hard-earned money on getting waxed every week. And If I feel like a trip to the beach, I'm going to go regardless of how my body looks, or if my legs are hairy.

5 comments on "Are women the weaker, gentler, more attractive sex???"
  1. I like to do things for my skin and hair but ONLY when they are good for my health too. No way will I put stuff on my face that helps with wrinkles but puts chemicals in too

  2. From a woman who now has plantars fasciitis because of wearing cute shoes all the time (ballet flats especially), I've learned that lesson too! It's just not worth it! Thanks for posting this, helps to know other women are out there who agree!

  3. Love this!
    I too have realised how important it is to look after my body, my mental health, but also my physical health. And am doing something about it.
    Our bodies are beautiful temples, and they need to be treated as such.

    xx Angela

  4. I love this post so much!! I think the important thing is that you do things for yourself to make yourself feel good – not to please anyone else!

  5. Yes to all of this... I love the line, we ate beasts! I gave up heels a long time ago after constant back pain and I would never go back.


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