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If you have read my about me section, then you know that I've lived a very sheltered and slightly misguided life. I'm 27 years old. I've never been social or had many friends, and I've never been in a relationship. I've always just done my own thing, wanted/needed my alone time, and just chilled out with my family. I've been working part time jobs (mainly in the food industry) since I was fifteen. Working for other people drains me and leaves me feeling depressed, and like my life is a hamster on a wheel, wasting time.

College wasn't for me. That's another story. And yet I've always had this passion inside, leading me to want to start a business and work from home so that I could travel.

Some days I feel completely and utterly lost. Other days, I am so inspired that I feel like I might just lift off the ground. Creativity runs through my blood and I can feel God and the universe guiding me with purpose.... which brings me to my SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!

I felt led to start my own apparel company:

I had to get a part time job to help me pay for everything, which has been a hard transition for me and challenging. But it's quite an amazing feeling when you are working hard, and putting everything you have (and don't have) into a project that you have absolutely no idea will even pay off. But I'm not just investing in apparel, I'm investing in my dreams and my freedom....

Investing in yourself always pays off.

Yes, it takes a lot of faith. ButI have always known it was my destiny to own a business and work from home. I get chills whenever I read about other peoples' success stories, and I'm willing to WORK HARD.... so why not me? And why not you? Go after your dreams, invest everything you have, and jump off that cliff whether you think you're ready to fly or not! If you have faith, maybe the winds will carry you...and if not, you'll learn a hell of a lot on the way down!

There's no such thing as a mistake, what we refer to as "mistakes" are learning experiences. And chances taken should never be regretted, but actually applauded. So, I encourage all of you to follow your heart, take chances, and make some learning experiences.

Finally, to all of you amazing readers, fellow-bloggers, Texans, and Americans,
I humbly ask you to support my small business... I'm just one girl in Texas who has BIG dreams! Thank you and God bless America!!


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  1. Wow congratulations! Starting your own business is a huge step. I want to do that eventually with my blog, but unless I want to live out of my car that's still a few years away LOL! Good for you


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